Your Journey, Oracle in East Austin, Recycle Your Christmas Trees | 01.16 Newsletter

Posted by Sandra DeLeon on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 at 5:41pm.

The new year is here. Most of us are thrilled with the thought of a new year. It means that there is another opportunity for dreams to be claimed, for lofty plans to be realized. How we move ahead and embrace challenges in the new year (and life) is a matter of perspective. It inspired me to think about the old “goals vs. resolutions” argument. Should we set goals for a new year or should we commit to resolutions? Goals provide something for which we can continually strive. We take our steps, chart our progress, reassess, and reinforce. Committing to a resolution is a little different. We commit and we continue with our commitment, or we don't. For me, goals and resolutions are are not as important as simply planning and having the right frame of mind. If we purposefully resolve to improve our lives and the lives of others, if we truly internalize the idea of enriching our lives and the lives of others with the most fundamental virtues of humanity everyday, we cannot help but make the choices that bring us contentedness and peace. Wisdom has demonstrated that we become what we think. So, here's to a new year. May the days that lie ahead challenge you in the perfect way, and in just the right amount so that you are able to create exactly what you dream. Happy New Year.

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