Top 5 Austin Haunted Houses

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top 5 austin haunted houses

'Tis the season for witches, ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and of course haunted houses! But if bogus Halloween theatrics and manufactured spookiness aren't enough for you, it’s time to dig a little deeper and experience the real haunts of Austin. With such a rich history, it’s only natural for a place like Austin to be full of paranormal landmarks. We’ve gathered the most chilling and ghostly places in the city for you to discover… if you dare!

Littlefield House

Once upon a time, there was a woman who lived with her husband, Major George Washington Littlefield, in a house that looks like it came right out of a Hitchcock film. Since 1894, the two of them lived in their ornately Victorian home with hundreds of spires. To add to the creepy aura of the property, the lady of the house never left home due to suffering from serious mental illness.

To this day, the house is owned by the University of Texas where events are hosted in the manor. The staff who takes care of the house say they can see Lady Alice’s ghost wandering the property as though she had never left. Over the years, many guests have said they can hear the tormented lady play the piano throughout all hours of the night. Others have encountered her unsettling spirit on the second floor.

The Walter Tips House

The Walter Tips house was built in 1876 for the Tips family. Years later the home went onto the successful businessman Theo P. Mayer and was moved to a different location for restoration purposes. Whatever dark entity is here, people have said they feel an angry and uncomfortable presence. Perhaps because this stately Victorian house was moved from its original roots, it caused disgruntled ghostly activity. To this day, the Walter Tips House functions as a bank, as nobody would want to call the Walter Tips House their home. Clients of the bank often feel a distinct impression that they are not wanted there.

The Inn at Pearl Street

Built in 1896 for Judge Charles A. Wilcox and his family, The Pearl is well-known in Austin for its nonstop paranormal commotion. Nearly a century later, the home was purchased to be restored and brought back to life as a boutique hotel. Unfortunately for the new owner, they didn’t anticipate the presence of a few resident ghosts.

The wife of Judge Charles has been said to be seen floating up and down the hallways holding her twins. Some guests have reported odd sounds of music and names being called out for the owner, as well as some guests in The Pearl. When the house was under restoration labors, construction workers were shocked to have the lights turned on while the power to the building was completely shut off. If that’s not proof of eerie activity, then what is!?

The Texas Governor’s Mansion

Everyone’s got a skeleton or two in their closet, even the governor! In the 1850s, governor Sam Houston and Pendleton Murrah lived in the grand mansion. Various people over the years have said to have seen both governors’ ghosts roving the property inside and out. When Murrah held office, he was visited by a young man who was courting his 19-year-old niece. The tragedy commenced soon after when Murrah’s niece cruelly rejected the suitor’s proposal. The devastated young man returned to his guest room and offed himself with a rifle. Since his rejection, people reported strange sounds of someone gasping for their breath, moaning, and crying. The noises were so frequent that the room was closed and sealed up for good! However, nearly 40 years later, the room was resurrected and the unhappy noises continue!

The Texas Capitol

The ghosts at the Texas Capitol are just as prominent as the building itself. Over the years, hundreds of people have come and gone, which explains the variety of paranormal activity found in this striking building. It’s been said for years that a number of different spirits haunt the property. Some have claimed to have seen the apparition of a lady dressed in red on the third floor as she awaits a rendezvous with a man in the stairwell. Robert Marshall Love, who was killed while at his desk, has been seen countless times. The ghost of Edmund Jackson Davis is the most riveting of sights. People have reported him staring chillingly at passer-byes from the first-floor window until they’re completely out of his line of vision. Other spectacles include strange orbs and questionable lights outside of the property.

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