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Published by: Daisy Gregg

I would like to start with a story. A very recent story. As in the last couple of days. So my husband and I have decided to purchase a new car. My car has lived a good life and I am ready for something safer and new. The car is 12 years old and I wanted a change. We decided on the model and make that we loved, it did not take us very long, we fell in instant love. It actually happened quicker than either of us thought. Then we were left with the problem of what to do with the old car. We initially just wanted to trade it in but the dealership was only going to offer us half of what it was worth, now that makes sense but at the same time it was a little disappointing. Then we decided we should try and sell it. (By the way, this will make sense in relation to real estate in a couple of sentences). I want to go get the car detailed for the best pictures and when someone comes to buy the car, it will be ready for them. My husband has different ideas, he thinks it doesn’t make any sense to invest more money into it, we should just sell as is. We have different opinions on this matter but even when I use the analogy of selling a house, he thinks it is just as dumb! So this is my point and a great question: Do you invest in staging for a house to resell or leave it vacant? Or even leaving the home as is with your things still in it?

I believe that yes, you need to stage it or at least extensively clean it. So this blog will give you some tips on how to stage your home for your home to sell. Since you obviously agree with me!

I want to start from the inside of the house to the outside with these tips. So the first step is not necessarily the simplest or most fun. But seriously clean your home. People can be immediately be put off if the house is the least bit unorganized or cluttered. It could signal to them that there isn’t enough storage in the home or even make them feel that as the homeowner they too will never be able to keep it clean. This one is probably the worst tip to have to deal with. I went through it when my parents were selling their home and the ordeal of keeping it clean can still give me anxiety. You were afraid to eat! Best advice from me is to have it professionally deep cleaned. Then just keep it up, don’t let it get too bad, that way you never have to seriously deep clean it until you sell the place.

Now second and building on the cleaning theme. Get rid of clutter! Apparently, “When professional stagers descend on a home being prepped for market, they often whisk away as much as half the owner's furnishings, and the house looks much bigger for it.”  This seems like a lot but it can be done. And by the way, I doubt you are a professional stager reading this blog, so you don’t need to go crazy. Just see what you feel isn’t necessary for you to get across what that room is used for. If it’s a living room, you don’t need two couches to let buyers know it is a living room. Do a couch and an accent chair. With a lovely coffee table.

What we have gone over is the starting point for a staged house. So let’s go through room by room (or at least the important ones) with some ideas.

The Living Room

As I said above, only have the furniture you absolutely need in the space. Nothing more. Then create nice conversational areas. From what research I have been able to find it actually isn’t better to push your furniture against the wall. It has the opposite effect of creating a larger room. Pushing the furniture into a great conversational area it helps create a movement of the room that makes sense.

The Kitchen

This one is pretty easy. Just clean the heck out the kitchen. And make sure it looks like you don’t live there! No personal Knick Knacks on the refrigerator or magnets. This is the hardest about selling your home, you have to make it look like you no longer reside there. Kind of silly but it will help you you’re your home that much quicker. So it is totally worth it. (Great article about your kitchen, here). I am also going to include the dining room with the kitchen. Try and decorate with nice place settings. The dining room table can often be neglected as a focal point and staging area. Think about how by staging it people will think of all the wonderful entertaining they can do in this house!

The Bathroom

One of the HUGE pointers I picked up in my research is to put in a pedestal sink in the bathroom. This can make the room appear larger, especially if the room is size challenged. Now this tip is really only for small half baths or small bathrooms. If your bathroom is a good size, I wouldn’t sacrifice the storage for a little more walking space. And again clean that room! (Great Article here)

The Master Bedroom

The big tip for this super important room (it is where the potential owners will be sleeping…) is to keep it gender neutral. You want to appeal to everyone, not just women or men. Plus you don’t know what anyone’s tastes are going to be. You don’t want to have your style be predominant in the space, this can make it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves relaxing there.

The Spare Room

Ah, the room where anything is imaginable. The room that could be anything. And that is exactly how you should present it to the buyers. Just with a little direction. Many sellers will make it an office to add value or even a kids play area to show what that space could be.

I hope these helped! Good luck selling your home!

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