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Published by: Daisy Gregg

It is that time of year where you want to start anew and feel motivated to get things accomplished. So I compiled a list to help you! These are 9 ideas but you don't have to achieve all of them at once. Start with a couple, make them a habit and then add a few more. Good luck! 

Get one new lead each week.

This isn’t an unattainable goal. Go to a networking event and exchange business cards. Immediately put them in your database. You already achieved your goal. Start replying to comments on your posts and grab those peoples information. Goal achieved again.

Post once a week on Social Media.

This should already be a planned exercise, but if you haven’t been doing this, the New Year is a great time to start! And we mean once a week on every Social Media, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. It really should be every day but this is a great way to create the habit. Pick one day for each Social Media and post a great article or listing.

Get your required CE Credits done before they’re due.

This is the bane of every license holder, the dreaded continued education. It has to be done to keep your license current. Now take it a step further and instead of dreading it, make it your mission to schedule this out to get it done before it is even due! This is a great way to feel accomplished and put less stress on yourself. Think about how amazing it will be to be done when the due date comes and you can say: “Eh, I finished it weeks ago!”

Be prepared.

This one may be odd and out of left field. But to make your life less stressful, make a realtor prepared kit. And keep it in your car. Make sure to have a hammer for signs and extra shoes in case you get muddy showing properties. Maybe a rain poncho or umbrella. Think of those emergencies you encountered and put the solution in your car!

Schedule like a fiend.

Schedule, schedule, schedule. Make it a priority to write everything down. Don’t let any opportunity slip through your fingers, simply because you forgot the appointment or double-booked yourself. I would recommend a planner with time slots. This way you see your days in hours and where you need to be and when. Another great tip is to factor in travel time to the place you need to be. Make that another appointment you need to factor into your planner. This way you know how long it takes to get there and you don’t book appointments too close together.


This is a big one and ties into scheduling. Along with your hourly appointments, there needs to be a daily task list. Such as what social media you are posting to that day and who from your database you need to reach out to. And then rank them as important to least important.

Take training and classes where you can.

Along with the mandatory CE classes make time to take training you want to do! Always want to learn new things and enjoy your career. And if you want to reach a certain goal of commission this year, think about taking come training that may help you get there. And realize this doesn’t even need to be real estate related, take somebody language courses to better interact with your clients or take a marketing class that teaches you specifically about Facebook and how to use it!

Make it more of a point to be available in the office.

This is something I believe is a good goal as the front desk assistant. Out of sight out of mind. As staff we look to give leads to agents we see every day. We have a lot of agents, so to be thought of, maybe go into the office once a week to work for a couple of hours and get to know the staff that can really help your business.

Personalize your marketing and interactions.

This is a goal that can help with future transactions. Listen to your clients and personalize the closing gift and future correspondence to them. This will make them feel special and give great referrals or feedback. They want to think they are the only ones you are working with, so put forth a little extra effort to make them feel that way!

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