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Promoted Pins are to Pinterest what Facebook Boosted Ads are to Facebook, below is an example. Both of these, at their core, are marketing resources to be used by businesses for financial gain. Promoted Pins are bought by companies to show in Pinterest Users’ feeds. The Promoted Pins marketed to you are ones that should relate to your areas of interest. I say it loosely only because targeted ads aren’t always the best unless they are using cookies to directly show you what you were previously looking at. But Pinterest and Facebook are better than many others. And this pin can link back to your website, even if it isn’t promoted but this is another blog for another time! (See disclaimer at the bottom of this page, if you get confused!)

It is super simple to get a promoted pin. Simply choose a picture, put in a bid, choose some discerning targeting and wait for the leads to roll in! Let's break down the process. First thing you need is a clear and beautiful picture to sell your business or product. In this case, it would an amazing professional house you listed or something of that nature (with owner’s permission, of course). Or you can buy a great picture or use free stock photos. But you will want a great picture that will tell your audience what your business is with clarity and quickly. It needs to be eye-catching, remember this audience is scrolling quickly.

Now Pinterest uses a bidding system, the same as Facebook. You pay for CTR or Click Through Rate. Meaning that you are only paying each time someone clicks on the Pin not necessarily how many people see it. So think about putting a lot of money initially because the promoted pin would need to last to as many clicks you paid for. So you may get clicked frequently or your Ad will last quite a while! It really depends on exposure and longevity to get an accurate bidding strategy down. It takes time! You’ll get it.

Next step, Pinterest will ask you to choose some keywords to go along with your pin. Choose words that relate to your pin and will bring it up when your target audience is going to find the Ad. So in this case, House, Realtor, etc. makes sense. This is probably the easiest part but put some thought into it! Like any other social media platform, everything is associated with words that are repeated. It is basically a hashtag. The same words or words used most often will bring up the same pictures or pictures associated with it.

This all it really takes to get a promoted pin. Choose a picture, put in the bid, add target words and voila you have a promoted pin!

Disclaimer: I will return with legit step by step with pictures soon! Just enjoy this quick overview.

Helpful URL for some ideas: DreamGrow: Promoted Pins-14 Tips


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