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Published by: Daisy Gregg

How do I even start? What do I do now? These are some of the most frequently asked questions while I am sitting across a brand new agent during our onboarding session. I can imagine how daunting this all seems at the beginning. You just got through with school and you passed that test for your license, but then you are thrown into literally figuring out how to run your own business. And how to make money. Now I am no expert, I am not even a realtor, but this transition seems to be the hardest because it just seems to be an abyss of options, that can be scary. As a psychology major, you learn that one of the worst things to happen to your brain is to have too many choices. Now you are done with this structured curriculum and thrust into this world of choices. It’s stressful.

Take it from a small piece instead of the whole picture. Start with your database and get that together (here is a great article for that!). It can take a while but go through your contacts and decide on the ones that will give you a referral or previous business. Then sort it into groups. No, I think one of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard up here at the front desk is “you just have to put yourself out there.” And this is coming from a realtor in the business. So keep that in mind!

One of the great ways to put yourself out there is to use the system of phone duty we have at the office. This is a great way to build that database and get easy leads. I say easy as in they get sent straight to your cell-phone not that they are necessarily easy to convert. Anyway, back to the good stuff. Phone duty gets you in the office, which makes your face familiar, we as the staff are fair but were more likely to recommend when they are in the office. If you think about it, it is like any other job you look dedicated and it shows you have a great work ethic. And as an extra bonus for you, you can get work done. I will admit that sometimes phone duty can be boring but it can seriously pay off.

I asked one of the most dedicated agents about her experience with phone duty. And she wrote about one of her success stories! Hopefully this inspires you! 

“I have had two phone duty success stories in the last year. My first phone duty as a new agent, I got a call about a company that was closing and needed to sublease their space. I worked with a veteran agent to get the deal done and that was one of my first commissions! The second was a call from a couple who were looking to buy a property with a little bit of acreage so they could build a storage facility/workshop for their business. They had a limited timeline, but we ended up getting a property out in San Marcos and closing. Now I’m hoping to sell their current home after they get settled in their new spot. I’ve done phone duty shifts where I didn’t get a single call, but it just takes one call to make them all worth it!”

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