Phone Duty Success #2

Posted by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas Realty on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 2:58pm.

Published by: Daisy Gregg


Hello! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and mid-week! We are back again with another Phone Duty Success story! Yay! So real quick explanation, many brokers have a system called “Phone Duty.” This system allows for individual agents to gain leads from any phone calls coming into the main broker’s hub. Each brokerage, generally has a main office number, which is on signs, advertisements, and online. This number is usually the most called for information unless they are trying a specific agent. And reception is legally not allowed to answer questions about property because many times they are not licensed and we want the realtors to have leads not the staff! Now that you know a little about it, it can be super beneficial to gain shifts to get those coveted phone calls. Now not every shift is gold but some turn out really well! Lets talk about one that was!

Nicki Turner, is one of our newer agents. She recently moved from Iowa and is adapting well. She is one of our hardest workers and jumps at any opportunity, no matter how small. She was working hard at her desk when a truly unexpected thing occurred. We had a walk-in! Now this is highly irregular and always throws people because it just doesn’t really happen. I have been here more than a year working at the front desk, and it has only happened about 6 times. But, Nicki being a professional jumped up and greeted the woman, without any hesitation. They had a lovely conversation but really the circumstances couldn’t have been better.

The client only need a Buyer’s Rep because she already picked out the house and was ready to go! But Nicki urged her to look at it first, “Let’s make a plan to go see it tomorrow. So you can actually look around and make sure.” (Only realtors are able to get into houses with lockboxes). This probably really encouraged the client because Nicki Turner was looking out for her best interests. They went and looked at the house, unfortunately, it was already under contract! But no worries Nicki found her client something she wanted and loved just as much! Nicki just had her closing for this!

It is important to take every opportunity you can, even though there is no guarantee you will get a lead. Because Nicki wasn’t prepared for a walk in or expecting one but she came to every shift without fail and got a closing out of it!


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