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I am here to tell you about the wonderous onboarding program that we have established to ensure the success of all of our agents. It has morphed into an eight meeting series, where we meet once or twice a week to work one-on-one with the agents to prepare them for this business. I think that this really makes us stand out in the crowd as far as all real estate companies are concerned. So let's get right into it...

Meeting 1 - The Essentials

I named this meeting the essentials because I believe these are the bare minimums the agent needs to know how to use at our company. In this meeting, we (one of our trained onboarding specialist) goes over how the agent gets into his/her professional email provided to them. We assist them with adding their signature. We ensure that the signature is added to their phone. We teach them best practices with email, such as setting up folders to stay organized, unsubscribing from junk emails, and following up consistently. Secondly, we show the agent the personalized website that they have with an array of tools and resources. Agents are provided with the same awesome tabs that we have on our main website: www.bhhstxrealty.com. We get them into the backend of their website and show them where everything important is at. Third, each and every one of our agents are provided with a BHHS National Splash page. This is great for them, because they are on another platform with their name and contact info, alongside a very prestigious name: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Fourth, we give the agents a tour of their BHHS REsource Center. WOW, I have never seen so many resources and tools provided. In there you can find all of an agents marketing needs, training videos, Lead CRM, Adwerx (blog coming soon on the details of Adwerx), and so so so much more! Fifth, we show the agent their Dotloop account. This is where the agent can send and receive their real estate documents, making it easy for clients to sign in their Pj's at home. Finally, the agent accesses their Mobile App and we train them to share their app with others and all of its cool features. 

Let's move on to meeting 2.

Meeting 2 - The Machine

So... a few months ago, all of the marketing and onboarding staff were in our monthly marketing meeting and our Broker/CFO (Rick Jenkins) explained that your database/SOI/Current CRM should be a well-oiled machine. Your CRM is your current machine, the new contacts that you put in are the essential oils that you put in to keep the machine running smoothly. The product that you get out is clients/real estate transactions. What a smart man. Hense where this meeting gets its' name. In this meeting, we export all of your contacts from your phone and email accounts that you are currently using. While this process is going on we have a few tasks for the agent to complete. 1. Change your voicemail. It is very important that the agent change their voicemail to their current companies name and have a message that clearly states their professional and that they will be called back promptly at the next available time.   We also educated the agents on Phone Duty (this is where an agent sits at the office and waits for an opportunity call to come in), RSVPing to our daily classes, our signage check-in and out policy and we set up the printers for the agents. We assign a homework assignment for the agents to clean up and add to the exported database and give them ample time before they have to import it into their CRM.

Next up, meeting 3.

Meeting 3 - Social Media Guru

Our trainers are always keeping up to date on the latest social media trends that come forth and we love to keep our agents informed! The first thing we do is assist the agent with setting up a Facebook Business Page if they don't already have one. We make sure that their Information About Brokerage Services and the Consumer Protection Notice is put on their Facebook Business Page and is pinned to the top. This is in compliance with TREC. We update the contact info to reflect which office they are out of, add their headshot and cover photo. We should them how to invite others to like their page as well to spread the word. Secondly, we help the agent get an "ALL-STAR" profile on LinkedIn. Did you know? You're 27 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn searches with a 100% complete profile. We do, and we are here to get you there. Third, we assist the agent in setting up a twitter account (not everyone opts into this one). Finally, we train the agent on BACK AT YOU! Our agents love back at you, let me tell you why. This is a third party platform that allows the agent to schedule posts to go out on their Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, and Twitter (AT THE SAME TIME). What a time saver. In addition to this, Back at you will automatically post real estate related content on those platforms that you have activated every other day if you wish. If your super busy (and you will be) you don't even have to worry about coming up with social media post ideas. 

Let's go to...meeting 4.

Meeting 4 - Social Expert

Social media training does not stop there. We assist the agents with setting up and transitioning their Instagram to a business Instagram and teach them all about what to post and how to use hashtags. We even fill out a social media calendar together to schedule what and when we will post. #Success #Motivated #Driven After Instagram, we show the agent how to use Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to direct people to your website and is super fun to get ideas off of real estate related or not. Third, we set the agent up with an account on Canva.com. Canva is a graphic design website that the agent can create all sorts of things. An example, those "Just Listed" picture you see on Instagram, well the agent can upload a picture of their listing, pop it into a template of their choice and decorate it with text and graphics. Everyone seems to LOVE Canva. Finally, we set the agent up to receive a newsletter from Katie Lance, who sends out inspiration social media ideas for realtors. 

Moving along to meeting 5.

Meeting 5 - 5-Star Agent

This meeting got its name because this meeting is all about getting reviews. People will base almost any of their purchase decisions on what the reviews are. We set the agent up with an account on RealSatisfied.com. This platform will send out a request for a review from your client automatically when you have a closing. It comes back to your Real Satisfied dashboard. The Real Satisfied dashboard syncs with Realtor.com and has an "encourage reviews" section to also get that review on Zillow, Google or Yelp. You can send your client a thank-you for the review gift card to Starbucks right from this platform. To go along with this meeting, we assist the agent in setting up a professional Realtor.com and Zillow.com account. Then we sync it with RealSatisfied, and you are ready to roll. Lastly, during this meeting, we sign-in to your ABOR account to update your profile there. A lot of agents don't realize that that is another platform that you need to update your contact info and place your headshot in. 

Meeting 6 - Savvy Professional 

The time has come to import your cleanup database... We assist the agent by adding their contacts to their provided CRM. Their Lead REsource CRM has lots of cool features: setting up customized groups for organization, Seller Advantage (Listing/Market reports) the agent can send to their clients, a calendar to organize all of the client tasks/follow up they need to complete, a contract manager and Drip Campaigns to stay in front of their Sphere of Influence. We then assist the agent with importing their list into their Marketing REsource, here the agent can send beautiful aesthetic e-cards, newsletters, create marketing flyers, postcards, and so much more. In this meeting, we prepare and send out an exciting transition e-card - letting their SOI know that they are now in the real estate business with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas Realty and they are ready to serve their real estate needs. After that, we schedule and e-Newsletter (provided to the agents every month) to go out to their sphere as well. We have learned that for every 250 contacts an agent has, by sending out two emails per month, that agents should generate one real estate transaction per year. 

Meeting 7 - On-the-Go Lifestyle

We have a program called Dotloop (I mentioned this earlier for the first meeting) that allows the agent to send and receive all important documents to and from their clients. The trainer will show the agent how to set a loop, fill out a contract (the correct way), submit it for review and get feedback from the trainer. Rest assured, we have a full-time employee that looks at the loops and contracts all day to make sure you are doing it right. 

Finally, we have meeting 8.

Meeting 8 - The Grind

Berkshire Hathaway recently came out with a new "social networking" platform of their own called "Chatter". Agents can join groups on the BHHS REsource Center that they specialize in or want to learn more information from. We have a range of groups that include but are not limited to: Owners and Senior Leaders, Resort Properties, Ask the Community, LGBTQ Networking, Luxury Collection, Multicultural Networking, Equestrian Specialist, REThink Council, and Global Owners Mastermind. The agents can collaborate globally with all of the other Berkshire Hathaway agents and build connections. The agents receive points for actions that they participate in (for example, 1 point for writing a post, 20 points for your answer marked best); based on how many points you have you are ranked on levels. Level one...Observer (0-99 points), Level two...Contributor (100-399 points), Level three..Influencer (400-1,499 points) and level four... Thought Leader (1,500+ points). Another way for agents to communicated and network with each other. Next, with the agents, we will download and customize a listing presentation together. The listing presentation helps you build credibility with you possible sellers and promote all that you will do for them if you are the agent that lists their home. Finally, we set the agent up to receive online leads that hit the website. Along with that training we give agents follow-up and phone scripts that they can use to be successful.


That completes our onboarding program. If you would like to schedule a confidential interview to be an agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas Realty, Please give us a call at (512)-483-6000!




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