My projects are now the size of elephants in my head. Help!

Posted by Tracy Hinterman on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 2:03pm.

I heard someone recently say they have reached the end of Netflix and now they are bored. Netflix has definitely helped me procrastinate some projects that I really need to address while I have the time. The longer the project is mind builds it up into something the size of an elephant!   A project the size of an elephant is the hardest to tackle. It needs to be cut up, broken down, into bite size portions. That and lots of BBQ sauce.  

My top elephants, projects at the moment in which I am OPEN to any suggestions on how to make it simple! 

1 - Put a large video up on YouTube. Several clients have asked me to video the house they are interested in purchasing/leasing. I run through with my phone and realize that I now have a 2 minute video, a 5 minute video and an 18 minute video. The client's internet is not super strong, so getting the information to them is challenging. My elephant is learning how to get that video up on YouTube to help them see the house in record time. 

2 - Building pull out drawers and shelves for all my kitchen cabinets. I have done this once before, seven years ago...So remembering the hinge is now in the way and realizing I do not have the right size drawer glides... it has been challenging. I've built furniture for a long time, yet this project is challenging my brain! 

3 - Stitch all my GoPro video's together in one movie. While we were building our own home, I took several time lapse video's of the framing, bricking , slab pouring. I would love to stitch all of these together! I don't even know where to begin...which is my elephant. 

I hope your projects are going well at home as you enjoy your family. 

My contact info is above and below if you have any suggestions on how to help on the above three projects. 

Always, if you know of anyone who is looking to buy or lease or sell, please give me a call. 


Tracy Hinterman

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