Happy Birthday Katie and Terry!

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Happy Birthday Katie and Terry!

Published by: Daisy Gregg

Have you ever considered how much time you spend with people you work with? You can see coworkers more than you do your family. We see and talk to these people every day. This creates a special bond, one that can last even after you may leave this job (if you do, sometimes these people and the job are so great you could never think of leaving). I have had that experience with the people I work with at Berkshire Hathaway. We are essentially a family. They took me home when my car broke down (Katie) and let me cry in their office when stuff in my life was just not going great (Telisa). Sometimes you can’t express to them how much they have impacted your life or celebrate them enough. Though today we definitely tried to do both!

Two of our managers (I am one of three assistants, hence the “ours”) have birthdays two days apart from each other. So Jenna (lead assistant, though she hates when I say that) decided we needed to throw them a joint surprise party (I will ruin this for you now, the surprise wasn’t fully executed!). This party is for Katie Sharp and Terry Curtis. Let me give you some back ground. Katie Sharp has been with Austin Berkshire Hathaway for 18 years. She started where I am sitting, at the front desk. She is our resident “Mama Bear,” she is always there when you need her whether it is for real estate or a good, personal talk. She is always laughing and good-spirited. If I need something answered, I know she will make time for me. You couldn’t ask for a better boss. Terry Curtis is one of our primary recruiters and deals in marketing and leads. He is such a warm individual, easy to talk to and easy to tease! He has a great sense of humor. Both of these people are a pleasure to work with.

This idea actually started in October. We bought the décor and decided on the food! We bought Trudy’s a super great Tex-Mex place in Austin. The food turned out incredible. But I am getting ahead of myself. First, we had to figure out a way to secretly invite the company without Katie and Terry knowing. So we tried to make a secret Facebook group but that didn’t work out because it was still visible in our group feed. So we went the easy route and emailed the flyer to everyone except Katie and Terry. We had an astounding 50 people RSVP. That has to tell you how loved these two people are!

Now came the hard part, trying to keep Katie and Terry in the dark when they were in the office! All we could do is pray that they wouldn’t come to the back of the office. We have a great area with nice tables and chairs, with three smart TVs that are used for our classes. Sometimes we take it over and use it for parties but it is mainly a learning area. Unfortunately, Katie had to come to the back, because sadly that is where the office scanner and fax machine is. And she did indeed see the beginning of the decorations so she knew something was going on but she didn’t know all the people we invited or the type of food, so there was that! But it turned out so well and they had such a good time! So here are some pictures to enjoy!

We got to work almost an hour early to set everything up!


Jenna blowing up balloons! I didn't, helium freaks me out!

But I will tie the string on! (PS this is me!).

Christine is styling the balloons just right!


They were so surprised!!

Such good food!!

Thank you both for everything you do for us! Happy Birthdays!

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