Focus On: Tarrytown

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focus on: tarrytown

Welcome to Tarrytown, Texas. Located just west of downtown Austin, this little neighborhood is bordered by several lakes and boulevards, making it a prime hotspot for tourists and locals alike. The neighborhood is conveniently located, with fantastic amenities, schools, and emergency services located nearby. In addition, it has a rich history full of intrigue and mystery!

The History of Tarrytown in Austin, TX

Tarrytown was officially established in 1915. Because of its central location, very close to downtown Austin, it quickly grew in popularity. In fact, it grew so prominent that business owners flocked to the neighborhood and area, setting up shops and businesses such as museums, bakeries, and retail stores.

Eventually, the neighborhood grew popular enough that it earned its own slogan - “Where Oak trees Charm the Eye.” People who go to Tarrytown expected to see oak trees with their great, broad branches and beautiful spring buds. Even to this day, many of those great oaks are still there, creating gorgeous arches and shade around the area. The tree canopy itself became as much a part of Tarrytown as the people who lived there.

One of the oldest pharmacies in the state of Texas was built right in Tarrytown. It opened in 1941 and has been there, in the exact same location, ever since. Even more amazingly, Pearl Harbor happened the day after the pharmacy opened. The neighborhood has many other historical sites that are still open to the public today, such as those found in the industrial areas.

Every Neighborhood has its Charm!

This gorgeous little neighborhood is as luxurious as it is convenient. Houses are unique in that they aren’t all the same. Some of them are more ranch-style while others are of the more modern style typical of Southern tradition. Yards are generally tidy with rich lawns and yards full of trees. Prestigious and opulent, Tarrytown is the perfect place to raise a family or settle in for a business close to town.

Because Tarrytown is so close to downtown Austin – literally just a short drive or even a decent walk – it is well known for its shopping opportunities. Find specialty shops full of tourist trinkets, gift shops, card shops, donut shops, knitting shops, and many others.

Cafes, pubs, clubs, and restaurants are also common throughout the area. There, you will find decadent desserts, comfort food, all-day breakfast bars, juicy hamburgers, and healthy salad choices.

Schools from grades K to 12 are in the area, and there are both private and public schools to choose from. A number of sports clubs and recreational activities for children make Tarrytown’s educational draw one of the most prominent in the state.

The Best of Tarrytown

Every neighborhood has its highlights, and one of Tarrytown’s is its charm. Its motto is, and has been since the beginning, “Where Oak trees Charm the Eye.” Oak trees are commonplace in the area, along with a massive variety of green spaces. Outdoor recreation in Tarrytown is exceptionally popular, with Reed Park being one of the best places to jump in a swimming pool or bring your family out for a barbeque.

Those interested in distinguished restaurants that serve only the best can try places like Zoot. Other excellent restaurants for crowds who want something more exciting are encouraged to head over to Hula Hut or the Magnolia Café.

Visit the Austin Museum of Art in downtown Austin to learn about the city’s immense history. Also learn about Tarrytown itself, along with other neighborhoods in the area. The Mayfield Preserve is one of the most exquisite places in Tarrytown, and is home to peacocks, deer, and various bird species.

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