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Published by: Daisy Gregg

Starting as a real estate agent can be tough. You do not start off with a steady paycheck and getting referrals isn’t even an option yet. My assistant manager once told me you have to save up an entire year’s worth of salary to live off of because it can take you that long to become established. Now don’t run away, this is the hard truth when it comes to running your own business. And yes, that is what you are. Make that your mantra, “I am my own business.” Whenever you don’t feel like calling or emailing leads, that could be a paycheck you are losing out on. You got this! And the best place to start is with your database.

The "database" in realty terms is your list of contacts, everyone you know or have you had communication with. For some people, this is surprisingly small (we can talk about why soon) or excessively large and can be trimmed to the quality contacts. Agents want the latter problem.  Realistically, you have to slowly build your database, beyond family and friends. Our owner, Rick Jenkins, always tells us (the onboarding staff) that for every 250 contacts you will get 1 transaction per year. Those are scary odds especially when you know you haven’t been saving the contact information of every person you have ever talked to. I am not realtor nor have I decided to become a realtor (and don’t pressure me!) but I am an administrative assistant and I sit at the front desk, so I see things. This is what I have picked up so far.

I believe your database is a vital part of the job you need to cultivate. You need to always be “on.” And being “on” simply means remember to ask for a phone number!! You don’t have to be pushy or obnoxious to grab someone’s contact information. Adding people to your “sphere,” as the pros call it, can be uncomfortable because it feels personal to actually attain and save someone’s information. I would keep in mind that you can give yours also. It may make everyone more comfortable in this situation since they know you may use theirs for business and they can yours right back. (Hmm, Hmm referrals!) Also, keep in mind that everyone can opt out from marketing being sent, no one is forced to put up with it. So add those digits and be fine with it. You have to network and build your business, don’t be ashamed. As long as the emails and notifications aren’t constant, absolutely no one likes to be besieged by emails and flyers, you are doing something right. This is how you avoid having too small of a database

Make sure to keep good records! I cannot stress this enough. Put in first and last name! In the appropriate blanks, do not put them both in the first name slot. The only reason I say this, is because it will make your life easier when you want to export your contacts for marketing purposes. Most emails and even phones can be exported to an excel, the separate grids and organization makes it so much simpler to import or separate into more organized groups. Jot down the lead’s information, spend more time schmoozing them but make it point to go back to the contact and fix it up. This way you don’t have to do it all at once!

Don’t forget about your database! Agents are so good about gaining new contacts but they forget to nurture their old ones. Periodically, go through and make phone calls to catch up with your database to touch base (ha, see what I did there). You need to keep yourself in their thoughts, you want them to immediately think of you if they need anything having to do with real estate. Calling them to check in every couple of months is a great thing. Now, let’s be clear check in with your past/current clients. This isn’t necessary for Family and Friends since you keep in touch with them anyway. Acquaintances may not necessitate a phone call but send them periodic marketing emails, it will keep you fresh!

I truly hope this helps and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, you got this!!

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