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Uber and Lyft fulfilled their pledge Monday morning to stop offering rides inside the city limits of Austin because voters rejected Proposition 1 on Saturday. Proposition 1 would have repealed the city’s fingerprinting requirements for drivers of Lyft and other ride-hailing companies. The ordinance also prohibits drivers from stopping in traffic lanes for passenger drop-offs and pickups, requires “trade dress” to identify vehicles for hire, and imposes a variety of data reporting requirements on the ride-hailing companies.Uber and Lyft drivers will still pick up passengers outside the city limits of Austin if their destination is also outside the city limits. In a statement, Lyft referred to their halt of service as a “pause.” Whether Uber and Lyft

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It’s been a decade since the peak of the housing bubble, and the boom and bust seems to have only temporarily diminished Americans’ obsession for real estate. For many, owning a home is making a comeback as an essential part of their personal American Dream. At the same time there’s a growing sense that achieving that dream will be difficult in the year ahead.


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Austin is at the top of another list...again. The list-topping has become so frequent that maybe next month, I'll generate a list of all the lists we've made lately. This time a consultant based out of Irvine, CA conducted a 7-year study and determined that approximately 9,000 businesses "disinvested" in California by either relocating or expanding out-of-state to Texas, with 'you-know-who' being the primary recipient. That's right. Austin. It brought to mind the mass exodus that occurred back in the early 1800s. A young America had plunged into its first Depression, and many people migrated to Texas to escape their debts and the deteriorating financial environment. In Texas, people found a refuge. A few letters chalked up on the wooden door of abandoned

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The new year is here. Most of us are thrilled with the thought of a new year. It means that there is another opportunity for dreams to be claimed, for lofty plans to be realized. How we move ahead and embrace challenges in the new year (and life) is a matter of perspective. It inspired me to think about the old “goals vs. resolutions” argument. Should we set goals for a new year or should we commit to resolutions? Goals provide something for which we can continually strive. We take our steps, chart our progress, reassess, and reinforce. Committing to a resolution is a little different. We commit and we continue with our commitment, or we don't. For me, goals and resolutions are are not as important as simply planning and having the right frame of mind. If

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What a great idea.. "The team wanted to “make kids seen and heart in the city”, and in so doing inspire city makers to think creatively about the future of cities: what makes them great, and what makes them playable."

The international design firm HASSELL recently teamed up with non-profit Archikidz and Sydney Living Museums to create PLAY[ground], a three day destination event in the in the heart of Sydney. A sell-out crowd visited over three days to swing, climb, crawl, tunnel, jump and connect. A free but ticketed event, PLAY[ground] reached capacity before the gates even opened. Six thousand people – including 4,000 children – attended over the course of the three-day installation that was part of the 2015 VIVID Sydney festival.” “The Archikidz

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Thrill-seekers needn't tour the haunted house circuit to get spooked this season - one simply has to visit Austin's most iconic hotel, The Driskill. Many refer to the hotel as one of the most "haunted venues" in the city with an impressive list of unexplained phenomenon and paranormal activity occurring within its magnificent walls. The hotel was built in 1885 by Col. Jesse Lincoln Driskill who, some believe, remained in the hotel "spiritually" after his passing. Guests claim to feel his presence as he roams the hotel, lighting cigars and turning on lights in the rooms. His portrait in the lobby with its enduring stare, provides an even stronger presence of the proud hotelier. Whether you believe these stories or not, one thing is for certain: The

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ARCHITECTURE Strauss Apartment - Strasbourg, France. September 25 2015 With a floor as beautiful as the chevron-patterned dark hardwood one in this recently renovated classic apartment, the re-imagining designers’ main job is to try to not ruin it or its harmonizing and stylish effect. In the case of the Strasbourg, France-based private apartment in question, the other defining features are the gorgeous fourth-floor corner location with the large windows, and the elegant cast-iron railings.

Lithuanian design and architecture studio YCL has used furniture to add pops of colour to the interiors of an otherwise monochromatic apartment in Strasbourg, France

Describing the renovation as "sophisticated old-fashioned elegance meets modern

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