Austin Home Maintenance Tips for Spring!

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With spring already here, the time has arrived for that all too familiar spring cleaning! There’s so much to be done, and it doesn’t seem like there will ever be enough time to finish projects, clean equipment, and get everything ready for the summer.

From cleaning the air conditioning to outdoor maintenance, the following tips and tricks will make the upkeep of your home smooth and simple.

Air Conditioning, Gutters, and Roofs

Depending on where you live, it’s possible that the air conditioning hasn’t been used since last summer. Because of this, most units will likely need their air filters replaced. The drains, too, will need to be flushed if they haven’t been done regularly (every four or five months). For those wondering where and what the drain is, it’s usually a grey PVC pipe that comes from the indoor unit.

Cleaning it is an easy process: flush it with either vinegar with water or a cleaner designed for PCV piping. In addition, there is a pan that helps to catch debris and such that should be cleaned at the same time. If regular maintenance and cleaning aren’t doing the job, then it may be time for a new air conditioning unit!

Gutters are always a big item on any to do list. Between fall and winter, debris such as leaves, twigs, and mud can get caught in them, which clogs up drainage. This means that water and will overflow along the sides and flood in places that water isn’t meant to go. The flooding can be hard on the system and rot the roof and eves, which will cost money to repair.

It’s only natural to inspect the roof at the same time the gutter is cleaned. Check for rot and loose shingles near the edges. While rain and hail can do a number on roofing material, warm, dry air can do even more damage. Heat has the potential to dry shingles out and crack them, allowing moisture to grow where it shouldn’t; this can cause mold and even more rot issues. If necessary, hire a roofer to inspect the roof to ensure that it’s solid and safe.

Plumbing and Electrical

Let’s face it: no one likes to deal with plumbing at the best of times. That’s why it’s important to check it on a regular basis and not just when a problem occurs. Prevention is always the key!

The three main areas that should be checked are sinks, toilets, and septic tanks. Regular and proper maintenance of all three essentials generally mean that any issues can be kept in check, but life can surprise you. Try to check sink and toilet drains; if you find anything, remove it. Sometimes it’s necessary to flush a system in order to clear everything out. There are a number of environmentally friendly options, such a vinegar and water. As far as the septic tank goes, checking it every few years is imperative.

Less messy than plumbing, the electrical aspects of a house are just as important. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and check fans and fuses. If any fuses are unresponsive or appear to be in poor condition, call an electrician as soon as possible. No one wants a fire in their home! It’s also good practice to clean overhead globes, as they can collect dead bugs and debris.

Fire alarms are also a good thing to check on; regular fire alarm tests will ensure that they are working properly. Make sure to change out the batteries as well.

While there are a vast number of other ways to get cleaning before or during spring, ducts, gutters, roofs, plumbing, and electrical are the biggest concerns. Happy cleaning!

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