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When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has Asian markets available every corner of the city, I had no trouble finding the Asian food and stores I wanted. When I moved to Austin, TX, in 2004, I worried about if there were any Asian Markets or good restaurants. I was over the moon to find out that there was one small Asian market (Hong Kong Super Market) located on 8557 Research Blvd, Ste 130 Austin, TX 78758. And since then many other amazing Asian stores have come to our amazing Austin area.

This market is still in business and provides most Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese products that I use. My favorite part of this market is the fresh tropical fruit that is always available, which includes lychee, Thai’s bananas, jackfruit, and rambutans.

Fast forward to 2018, Austin Texas’ Asian population has exploded due to a rich job market and our low cost of living. Now, we have more Asian markets to choose from in all parts of the Austin area. Here are a few major Asian markets are my favorites choices.

99 Ranch Market

99 Ranch Market is located conveniently at the intersection of Kramer and North Lamar with over 180,000 square feet of a wide range of Asian retail and restaurants. It can also be found in the Highland Mall on Airport and North Lamar Boulevards, in the same shopping plaza as the conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Kula Revolving Sushi Bar. This latest location opened on March 3, 2018. This chain market is very popular in California. 99 Ranch Market includes a food court featuring vendors from other 99 Ranch Market locations. These include Chinese food spot Asian Gourmet Kitchen, which serves roast duck, barbecue, and dim sum. BF Bakery and Cafe focuses on Asian baked goods like egg tarts, pandan cake, buns, bread, as well as coffee and tea. Also, you can find a juice bar. The main grocery area of this market offers Chinese, Korean, and Japanese produce, dry goods, meat, frozen foods, and local produce. They also offer on-site steaming or frying in the seafood department.



Up north of Austin, we have Austin’s first H-Market, which opened in February 2018, located on 11301 Lakeline Blvd. This enormous supermarket includes a food court, and a variety of retail stores located next to food court such as hair salon, clothing store, gift store, jewelry store, and a couple of stands of Korean’s beauty supplies. In the main grocery area, the market has an aisle dedicated to Kimchi. You can find 5 gallons Kimchi. No kidding! 

Their produce section is awesome. You can find all kinds of Asian fresh vegetables and tropical fruit. 

The seafood department is fantastic and offers a variety of live seafood choices as well different type of fresh fish and shrimp. The meat section is terrific, and you can find different cuts and types of meat. My favorite meat selections include pre-marinated Korean short ribs and thinly sliced beef for Pho soup. 

The isles for dry goods are wide and shelves are placed to easily find things and its always stock, stack nicely and easy to reach. This market is a one-stop shop for Asian grocery. H Market is a convenience for people who live in Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, and North Austin. 

Eateries that featured in the Market Eatery at Austin’s H-Mart are: 

Sunday Bird (Korean fried chicken)

Sunday BBQ (Korean barbecue)

Snow Monster (Taiwanese shaved ice, Boba tea, waffles)

Sogongdong Tofu House (Korean tofu soup and comfort food)

Mix (Korean snack food)

Lai Lai (Authentic Chinese cuisine)

Tous Les Jours (Korean bakery)

Momo Sushi (Japanese sushi)

Austin’s China Town and MT Market

We do have a China town in Austin. It is not like the China town in New York or San Francisco. It is a large shopping strip mall area, and MT market is the main anchor grocery store in this place.  Surrounding MT Market are multi-functional store and restaurants. Weekends are always a busy shopping time at Austin’s China town. It’s a place where I have spent half a day eating from one store to another before I go shopping at MT Market. MT market is one of the true Asian grocery stores that offer all kinds of Asian food that you are looking for without making a trip to Dallas or Houston.

Hanna World Market.  Hana World is a Korean supermarket with an adjacent food court. This market offers a world of Korean specialties.

1700 W Parmer Ln
Austin, TX 78727

So, no matter what part of Asian is your home, Austin offers familiar foods and stores you love. When you come to Austin looking for your new dream home, look me up, and I will be honored to help you find that new home and show you some of Austin’s Asian influences. I would be happy to help you save time and get right to where you need to be.


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