An Exploration Of Austin Architecture

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An Exploration of Austin Architecture

Austin, Texas is a dynamic and energetic city, and like the city, its housing market has a robust selection of home styles for the discerning home buyer to choose from. Few things in life offer an all-encompassing range of emotion such as buying a new home. When the REALTORS at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices ask which home style you desire, you may not have an answer for them.

Choosing the right home in the Austin real estate market is important, and buyers tend to have many different considerations like pricing, size, location, school districts, and more. One of the most important decisions has to be choosing the right style of home for you and your family. Are you after a Mediterranean-style, do you need a rambling Rancher-style, or are you looking for sleek and modern?

Start your search by browsing our Austin real estate listings, or read more about Austin homes and the variety of sizes, styles and options available.

No matter what you're leaning towards, it's hard to be sure until you explore all of the options. To better understand what's out there, here are a few of the more popular house styles in Austin.

Spanish Colonial

You'll love the comfortable feel and the big open floor plan of the Spanish Colonial style home. The small windows fill the home with a comfortable breeze without letting in too much heat. The adobe-stucco walls absorb the Austin heat and gradually release it into the home during cool evenings. You can't help but feel relaxed and comfortable living in a home like this, and that's why it's one of the most popular home styles in Austin.


In Austin, Spanish Colonial architecture has historic design elements including:

  • Curves and arches
  • Stucco walls
  • Painted tile
  • Terracotta roof tiles
  • Prominent chimneys
  • Exposed beams
  • Ornamental iron work
  • Patios or courtyards

The Spanish design's simple construction and sparse ornamentation draws people into its subtle grace. The outdoor courtyard is perfect for gathering friends and families together. As you walk through the front door of a Spanish Colonial style home, you'll feel the warmth and expansive comfort these homes offer.

Spanish style homes for sale are in neighborhoods throughout Austin metropolitan area and in surrounding cities like Driftwood, Lakeway, and Spicewood. Buyers interested in Spanish style might also consider communities such as Spanish Oaks, Villas at Spanish Oaks, and Spillman Ranch at Falconhead.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style homes are reminiscent of the early 20th century arts and crafts movement. The arts and crafts movement began as a recreation to the Industrial Revolution when artists and designers sought a return to uniquely-crafted decorative arts, in a time when most things were being mass produced.

Craftsman style homes are not cookie-cutouts of other homes. They incorporate handcrafted materials with simplicity of style that give off a flare of originality. These homes feature exteriors that are usually a combination of stone and wood.



These beautiful homes seek to emphasize the relationship with nature and the craft construction. The four different types of Craftsman style homes you may encounter are:

  • Bungalow
  • Prairie
  • Mission Revival
  • Foursquare

All of these homes share some or most of the common elements such as a front porch, low-pitched gabled roof, tapered columns, and some form of double hung windows.

This popular style of home is found throughout Austin in established communities such as Hyde Park or North Loop. Newer communities you might consider exploring are Rough Hollow, Highland Park West, River Estates, or Reunion Ranch.

Modern Style

We often confuse the word modern with contemporary when thinking about home design. Modern homes reference a style popular of the 1950's and 60's. During the Modern era, many architects began experimenting with new ways to use materials. The development of sheet glass, steel, and iron revolutionized techniques in both home and commercial construction. Today, the Modern style home's clean lines, natural wood, stone, metal, and glass elements radiate elegance that dazzles.



Common elements of the Modern style home are:

  • The use of flat or lower slope roofs
  • Horizontality of the landscape
  • Use of geometric shapes
  • The use of high-quality materials
  • An overall effect creating open spaces and clean lines

Most Austin home buyers prefer this style of home because of its effective use of space. Modern architecture can be found in Austin's Brazos Place Condos, Piazzo Navona Condos and several modern-inspired communities such as Walsch Place, Solavera, and Ford Place.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is a broad and constantly changing category that grew out of Modern style architecture. As we stated above, the Modern style home was marked by simple, clean lines. The Contemporary style house floor plan is open, with minimal doors and walls. In keeping with today's lifestyles, it is designed to be functional-but warmer than the Modern Style.

Contemporary style homes in Austin will emphasize a direct connection between indoors and outdoors. Many of these homes feature moveable exterior walls leading to outdoor "rooms" like fully equipped outdoor kitchens with refrigerators, barbecues, full-featured stoves and even fireplaces. As you search for a Contemporary style home for sale in Austin, neighborhoods you'll want to explore are Spanish Oaks, Serene Hills, or Barton Creek.

More and more Contemporary homes are being designed with eco-friendly materials and features. Bamboo, a sustainable material, is often sourced for floors, and attractive natural granite is popular for countertops.



If you have a growing family this design is perfect for you because it adapts to your needs with:

  • Moveable partitions
  • Pocket doors
  • General-purpose rooms
  • Non-load-bearing walls that are easily to relocate

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