6 Renovations to Add Value to your Home!

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Published by: Daisy Gregg

Best Renovations to Add Value to your Home!

What do you think when you hear “these are the points of interest that will sell your home?” I immediately think kitchens and bathrooms. But making sure you add value to your home can really go beyond just rooms. And you really do not have to spend a pretty penny to recoup some of your investment. Let’s talk about the 6 easiest ways to add value to your home.

  1. Counters and Cabinets

I did mention bathrooms and kitchens. But you do not have to do a full or extreme remodel to add value. Upgrade or paint the cabinets with new hardware to give it a new look that is on trend at the moment. Most would go with white or gray as those are the “on trend” color right now, but pops of color on the lower cabinets or a muted blue would be pretty too! Now counters are where they can get you. Granite is expensive. But, this is a case that the price tag is probably worth it. I found a great statistic from Family Handy Man:

“A minor kitchen remodel had an average cost of $20,830 and of that, $16,699 was recouped for 89.4 percent. A major kitchen remodel project with an average cost of $62,158 returned about $40,560 in resale value for 65.3 cost recoup percentage.”

  1. Tile in the Shower

This may be an upgrade or renovation you didn’t think about! Tiling the shower in the master or even the spare can make the bathroom look cleaner and stylish. This adds value because you can even do some of it yourself and just purchase the tile!

  1. Flooring

Again not cheap but worth it in the long run. Carpet is the bane of most homeowner’s existence and you know I am right! In the bedrooms carpet isn’t a nuisance but in the high traffic areas, with dirt and people constantly walking through, wood floors are easier to clean. And you don’t just have to do real wood there are so many options now you can find a great deal!


  1. New Windows (And True Wood Shutters)

New windows can help with advertising for low energy costs! New windows aren’t worn down and will keep the money you spend on air conditioning or heat inside your home, lowering your monthly bills. And they can boost the attractiveness of your home! And True Wood shutters are a large draw to many buyers, adding them to your home can only help!

  1. Lighting

One of the core staples of photography is “lighting.” So why would your home be any different? Buyers much of the time have to be given the insight on to what this home could be for them. They want to imagine themselves there. No one wants to buy a dark, dreary home. Update some of the lighting fixtures and make your home brighter!

  1. Foam Insulation

This one threw me! But I asked a credible source (Ahem, one of my awesome realtors, Jeff Walker) and he stated that not only do the insulation but doing the foam insulation can add tremendous value to your home! In the attic (if you have one) and the walls, can make your home attractive to buyers!

These can be daunting tasks that you undertake to get back your investment. So make sure after you finish any upgrades and remodels to give yourself time to enjoy before selling. Because then you did all the work for someone else. I hope this article helped you! 

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