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Published by: Christine Pease

June 28, 2018

Well hello summer! We've been expecting you! Yes, summers in Texas are hot and should be spent next to water eating ice cream, flavored ice or sipping or favorite iced lemonade or sweet tea. Tea and lemonade are a staple for a hot Texas summer but why don't we mix things up a bit? When my husband first told me about bananas and peanut butter I wasn't immediately sold. I don't have much of an imagination and just assumed peanut butter was best used for PB&J sandwiches and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Now, I like a little variety in my life so I've opened myself up to the idea of mixing bananas with peanut butter and was delighted to try this recipe! It's easy and keeps your body cool!

What you'll

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Populated with towering oak trees, quaint bungalows, and down-to-earth residents, the historic Hyde Park neighborhood is a true Austin gem. Just north of the University of Texas campus, Hyde Park is located near the city center but is slightly removed from the hustle and bustle.

Located in Central Austin, Hyde Park is defined by W. 38 Street to the south, W. 51 Street to the north, Duval Street to the east, and Guadalupe Street to the west. It is situated just north of The University of Texas and borders the neighborhoods of Hancock and North Loop. Hyde Park traces its origins back to 1891 and is considered to be Austin's first suburb.

Residents are served by the Austin Independent School District. Residents are assigned to Lee Elementary School,

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Published by: Daisy Gregg

Austin is growing exponentially every day. This city just seems to get bigger and bigger. Our real estate market is very hot right now, especially with all these new, fabulous people moving here! According to a new article Austin’s “statewide population to be at about 29 million, and in 2016 and 2017, he said, “We added about 1,000 new Texans every day” (KXAN).

As a fellow Austinite (at least for the last two years) I may be annoyed that my traffic will only get worse, but I am overjoyed to welcome all these new people and their ideas. Austin is such an amazing place to live, I wouldn’t mind staying for a very long time! But this brings up the problem of where should I live? Austin has many different hubs of

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Hello again to all of you home owners, prospective buyers, and real-estate moguls. Before you check the “Talking Real Estate” monthly enewsletter, Summer is here and has its own home maintenance checklist in Central Texas. Here are a few items to consider during June:

  •       Set your mower on the highest setting so you do not cut the grass too short and expose it to drought and weeds.
  •       Make sure your foliage gets plenty of water during hot summer days. Water early in the day, but not necessarily every day. Plants prefer a good soaking a few times a week rather than a light, daily drizzle.
  •       Reverse the setting on your ceiling fans to counterclockwise. This pushes the air down, creating a nice breeze.
  •       Whether you have central
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Published by: Christine Pease

June 12, 2019

Every little girl's first love and every little boy's hero! DAD!!! FATHER!!! Austin doesn't hold back when it comes to things to do in honor of all those dads out there!  Want to take him to a nice retreat? Austin has that! Want to take him to a beer bash? Austin has that, too! What about a Father-Daughter Run or a Joke-Off? Austin has you covered! Or maybe you just want to sit with your pops next to a quiet river and fish. No problem!

Check out Austin Monthly's Guide to Father's Day in Austin! 

FREE Father's Day Fun in Austin

Let's not forget about those gentleman that took the role of Dad when they didn't have to. Budweiser honors those Stepdads that accepted their role as a guardian, parent

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I am here to tell you about the wonderous onboarding program that we have established to ensure the success of all of our agents. It has morphed into an eight meeting series, where we meet once or twice a week to work one-on-one with the agents to prepare them for this business. I think that this really makes us stand out in the crowd as far as all real estate companies are concerned. So let's get right into it...

Meeting 1 - The Essentials

I named this meeting the essentials because I believe these are the bare minimums the agent needs to know how to use at our company. In this meeting, we (one of our trained onboarding specialist) goes over how the agent gets into his/her professional email provided to them. We assist them with adding their

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Published by: Daisy Gregg

Why Do I Need a New Lender’s Policy?

The original lender’s title insurance policy protects the lender’s interest on the original loan. With the new refinanced loan, the original loan will be paid off, and the lender will require protection of its interest for the new loan. From the lender’s standpoint, a refinanced loan is no different than any other mortgage loan. In addition, if the loan is sold in the secondary market, investors like Fannie Mae will require the security of title insurance on the property. The good news is the consumer receives a discount on lender's policies for refinance during the first seven years of the loan. If your refinanced loan is with the same lender as your original loan, your

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