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Published by: Daisy Gregg

Bike rides. Take your kids out for a fun bike ride, either near your house, or on a bike trail. Since it’s a hot summer day, make sure to bring water.

Make ice cream. There isn’t a kid (or parent) in the world who would refuse ice cream on a hot summer day. This is a great kids activity in which parents can easily monitor.

Meet friends at the local playground. Call up your friends and let the kids hang out together at a local playground, where they can play on swingsets, merry go rounds, and more.

Have a picnic at a local or state park. Getting kids together for a picnic at a local or state park can be a fun group activity.

Sidewalk chalk murals. Get some fun colored chalk for your kids and you can

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Soul of Austin Culture Fest

900 Chicon Ave. Austin, TX 78702

12 noon - 6:00 p.m.

The Soul of Austin Culture Fest is a celebration for our multicultural communities - neighborhoods, it's businesses and it's occupants. This family-friendly environment promotes artistry and authentic diversity by offering different types of entertainment including dance, music, arts, and crafts.  Admission is free!



Frank Erwin Center; 1701 Red River St, Austin, TX 

6:30 p.m.

WWE is back in ATX! With two championship matches, this

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Published by: Daisy Gregg

Coffee is drink that brings happiness and warmth to everyone that drinks it. Can you tell I love it?? Well in the real estate business you are forced to love it. You not only need it for the late or early hours but coffee is the beverage you make deals over. You sit at coffee shops and discuss and help people make major life decisions! We live in the amazing music and food capital of Texas, and with coffee being such a popular beverage, I wondered where are some amazing places to get coffee? And as I was wondering, I drove by one of the tons of Starbucks and realized they were replacing it with Summer Moon! This has me so excited because this is a very popular Coffee Shop in Austin that is south and now they finally

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Sitting at the front desk of my office, you can just tell we are in a hot market right now. Agents are running in and out constantly, trying to get all their stuff together since they have numerous meetings to attend with new clients or showing current clients all kinds of homes. So many checks are flowing in, we can barely keep up! But hey, job security! And it is so nice to see my agents doing so well! I figured I could do a quick blog about the housing market right now and how amazing it is…

Housing trends are generally pretty steady, but can get volatile under certain circumstances. In 2008 we went through the housing crash, which was devastating for many people. But in the last few years it has steadily risen and stayed decently consistent.

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Published by: Christine Pease

May 10, 2019


Alright y’all! Let’s talk BBQ! I feel like BBQ is one of those meals that you either love or hate and as a Texas girl I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Good BBQ that is! Everyone has their own take on what’s good and what’s not so I took a poll and came up with a list of Austin’s best BBQ! Whether your go to is a chopped beef sandwich, fall of the bone ribs, sausage, or my personal favorite, brisket, there is something for everyone to enjoy! If your mouth isn’t watering at this point, clearly BBQ isn’t for you! In Texas, be sure to grab a loaf of bread, pickles and onions! Oh, and don’t forget the best part…..the BBQ Sauce!


The 1st choice for local BBQ would have to be Salt Lick. Specifically, the

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Published by: Daisy Gregg


One of our lives constant struggles is to live well in this world. One of the ways to live well, especially in Austin is to get a great job! Austin can be compared to California in its cost of living, which means it is higher than other places in Texas. However, Austin is considered one of the new tech cities in the United States. It is home to power houses such as Facebook, Samsung, Dell, and Google to name a few. We are a hub for engineers, scientists and techies from all over the world. And we are going to grow even more with new tycoons such as Apple and Amazon placing major offices in our city!

Now this means a lot of to Austinites. For the traffic, may be worse but for our economy and our business as Real

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