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5 best austin neighborhoods for investment properties 2017

Austin, otherwise known as “The Heart of Texas”, is the 4th largest city in the state and the 11th in the nation, offering a well-rounded lifestyle of culture, music, great food, various innovative industries, and of course, a thriving real estate market. With over a 5% growth in population in less than 4 years, people are either buying up or developing Austin real estate left, right, and center, as either a home or an income generating property.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Austin to invest in based on home-flipping potential and steady rental markets. Here’s your ROI guide for Austin neighborhoods!

East Austin

In recent years, East Austin has had quite the come-back with all of the gentrification that has taken place in the

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top 5 austin haunted houses

'Tis the season for witches, ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and of course haunted houses! But if bogus Halloween theatrics and manufactured spookiness aren't enough for you, it’s time to dig a little deeper and experience the real haunts of Austin. With such a rich history, it’s only natural for a place like Austin to be full of paranormal landmarks. We’ve gathered the most chilling and ghostly places in the city for you to discover… if you dare!

Littlefield House

Once upon a time, there was a woman who lived with her husband, Major George Washington Littlefield, in a house that looks like it came right out of a Hitchcock film. Since 1894, the two of them lived in their ornately Victorian home with hundreds of spires. To add to the creepy aura

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Austin, TX is known as a vibrant, culture-rich city, with so much to do. When you are purchasing a home the city you live is where you spend most of your free time. Austin has the amenities you are looking for and a great family-friendly atmosphere to safely raise your children. Other than choosing a city to live and work in, one of the main concern that parents have is where their children will go to school. Is it a good school? Will my child learn in a safe environment?

The additional stress of finding an area to buy a house in with a good school is more often a reality than not. We understand this and wanted to point out the top ten schools and districts to aid you in your housing search. We know if your children are taken care of that you will

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