March 2016

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It’s been a decade since the peak of the housing bubble, and the boom and bust seems to have only temporarily diminished Americans’ obsession for real estate. For many, owning a home is making a comeback as an essential part of their personal American Dream. At the same time there’s a growing sense that achieving that dream will be difficult in the year ahead.


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Austin is at the top of another list...again. The list-topping has become so frequent that maybe next month, I'll generate a list of all the lists we've made lately. This time a consultant based out of Irvine, CA conducted a 7-year study and determined that approximately 9,000 businesses "disinvested" in California by either relocating or expanding out-of-state to Texas, with 'you-know-who' being the primary recipient. That's right. Austin. It brought to mind the mass exodus that occurred back in the early 1800s. A young America had plunged into its first Depression, and many people migrated to Texas to escape their debts and the deteriorating financial environment. In Texas, people found a refuge. A few letters chalked up on the wooden door of abandoned

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