January 2016

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Psst. Whisper Listings Are More Common Than Ever

And they’re not only for the ultra-rich and famous!

A private sale — also called an off-market listing or “whisper listing” — is a for-sale property that, at the seller’s request, is not listed in the MLS or marketed in the traditional sense. Historically, this method of home sale has been favored primarily by ultra-wealthy and famous individuals who wish to protect their own privacy, although it is becoming increasingly popular in low-inventory, high-demand markets. While whisper listings can be exciting and lucrative, these ultra-secretive sales demand unconventional marketing and information distribution strategies.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016! Now is the time for making goals, planning to see dreams become reality, and spending the next two weeks correcting the year on everything you write.  Have you made a list of resolutions? Is this going to be your best year yet? Tell me about it on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear about it. And if this is the year you plan to find a new home, I am here to help. Here’s to a fantastic year!




Georgetown in January!


Art Exhibit at the Georgetown Art Center Every day from now until January 24 David Chapman Lindsay’s paintings expand beyond the confines of the traditional canvas, into our space, and beyond. 816 South Main Street, Georgetown, TX

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The new year is here. Most of us are thrilled with the thought of a new year. It means that there is another opportunity for dreams to be claimed, for lofty plans to be realized. How we move ahead and embrace challenges in the new year (and life) is a matter of perspective. It inspired me to think about the old “goals vs. resolutions” argument. Should we set goals for a new year or should we commit to resolutions? Goals provide something for which we can continually strive. We take our steps, chart our progress, reassess, and reinforce. Committing to a resolution is a little different. We commit and we continue with our commitment, or we don't. For me, goals and resolutions are are not as important as simply planning and having the right frame of mind. If

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