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By: Daisy Gregg


We are in an precedented time right now. Things are constantly changing and we are in a constant state of stress because we do not know what is going to change next. But let’s breathe in and out. Remember “everything is okay in the end, if it’s not okay then its not the end.” We will get through this together.

Real estate has changed to almost completely virtual. We train through teleconference, have staff meetings digitally, and show homes on FaceTime. We are adaptable but it is hard to know what to do with clients since we cannot physically show them houses. Do not be discouraged! There are so many tools at your disposal right now. 3D imaging on Zillow, Zoom, FaceTime, and even regular video (which only film in 4 min

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The National Association of Realtors has provided us with the following resources.

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The following resources provide property owners with assistance during the COVID-19 crisis.

American Land Title Association (ALTA) has provided the following resources:

  • County Record Office Closures(link is external): Real-time database of offices that are closing or reducing operations as a result of the coronavirus. Click on the link under County Office Closures.
  • Title, Settlement Companies Develop Safe Closing Protocols(link is external)
  • Visitor Health Screening Questionnaires: The NNA has developed health screening forms for the signing agent and borrower in order to protect all parties during a closing.
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March is Time for Self Care, Distancing, Termites, Homestead Exemptions, and Powering Through: Chuck Farr’s March 2020 “Talking Real Estate” eNewsletter


Hello again, everyone. Life is quite different this month as we all find our own ways to get through the shutdowns and isolation of the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic together. More difficult times are ahead, but we will get through this in the weeks and months ahead with vigilance and common sense and caring. In the meantime, life goes on for most of us. Go on we must, and we will do so with courage and understanding. This intro email is a little longer than usual (sorry!), but you can click into this month’s Talking Real Estate enewsletter now if you want to see that instead (give it a few moments to

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Published by: Christine Pease

March 26, 2020


So, we're quarantined due to the Corona Virus! We're all trying to get used to this "new normal", right?  Well, in light of the virus and all the news updates, we need to keep our spirits high and a positive attitude. There is a famous quote we're all familiar with, "This too shall pass". So, hang in there friends and we'll get through this time together and with grace and dignity! 

What better why to pass the time at home than putting together a chef's masterpiece! That's right you guys, a chef's masterpiece! This dish is so yummy and delicious, you'll surely please the whole family with this one! Even if they don't like shrimp!

Before you head to the grocery store and wait in line to just get

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Advice for Single Female Homebuyers

In 2019, the National Association of REALTORS reported that 18% of home buyers were single females, compared to nine percent of single males. From this data, it’s clear that single women see homeownership as an important way to provide themselves with more stability and financial security.

Here’s some helpful advice to help single women meet the responsibilities and rewards of homeownership.

  1. Buy within your means. While it’s good advice for all home buyers, single women can lower their risk by keeping their house payment, including property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, homeowner association fees and mortgage insurance at no more than one third of their income.
  2. Choose a forever home. Your home should
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Fair Market and Other Values

Home buyers and home sellers want to know one thing – how much a home is worth.  Fair market comparable data, assessments and appraisals are all relevant ways to determine value, but all values are not the same. So what are the differences?

Fair market value. This metric is used to help determine asking and offer prices for a given home for sale. Market conditions and the economy can cause home prices to fluctuate, so get an electronic comparable market analysis (CMA) from your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional. The CMA will include at least three recently sold homes (within three to six months) that are as similar as possible to the home you want to buy or sell, including the dates of sale, time on

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It’s normal for a dog to be sad when his owner leaves but excessive crying, chewing, and ruining furniture? Not so much. If you believe your pup might be suffering from separation anxiety, these are the tell-tale signs and how to deal with it.



Sad dog


Is it actually anxiety?

Not all anxious behavior can be linked to a real issue with separation. Sometimes, bad behavior is just that, bad behavior, which can be fixed with training.



Dog beside dug up flowers


The warning signs

  • Extreme destruction (e.g. consuming indigestible objects, urinating or defecating, ripping at furniture)
  • Scratching or clawing at
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Colors of the Year 2020

Companies use color trends to boost brand awareness and product sales, but the research behind colors and how they impact consumers is anything but arbitrary. Color trends aim to appeal to emotions caused by world events, history and cultures, the economy, and the human need for change.

Consider Tiffany's aqua blue, recognizable the world over as a symbol of elegance and sophistication, or Coca-Cola’ssignature Christmas red that forever changed the color of Santa Claus’ iconic suit.  

Architectural Digest notes that since Pantone Color Institute's introduction of its first Color of the YEAR (COTY) in 2000, a subtle blue called Cerulean, many paint manufacturers are announcing their own COTYs as well as curated

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