Tyron Swinton, REALTOR®

Tyron Swinton is a United States Navy Veteran, and a new member of the Austin community. Raised in Mount Pleasant South Carolina, Tyron left home as a teenager with the dream to see the world and serve the nation as a member of the United States Navy. During his service, Tyron did have the opportunity to see the world and was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. After 24 years of honorable service, Tyron retired from the Navy and worked for several years for the Department of Defense in the Washington DC Metro area. He moved to Austin, Texas in early 2018 seeking a life changed for his family and warmer weather. With his top personal core values of respect, stewardship, and integrity, he made the decision to become a Realtor as a second career in an effort to make a meaningful impact on the Austin community. He is proud of his military service, but is immensely honored to be a Realtor in Austin.

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