Snehal Amin

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Snehal Amin

A House Made With Walls & Beams: Home is Built with Love & Dreams

 "I Make your Dreams Come True"

 I have been representing Buyers, Sellers, Developer, and Investors in Central Texas for over two years and living in central Texas for over 25 years.

 In order to exceed the expectation of Texas buyers or sellers, I like to meet with prospective clients to discuss their lifestyle needs. I believe that the person's home should be complements to their lifestyle.

 Enthusiasm, Hard work, attention to detail, and personalized service goes into everything Amin does. Realizing every client has an individual and specific needs. Amin recognizes these needs and requirement and follow-up both before and after the deal has been occurred. His knowledge of real estate, along with these attributes, allows him to stand out in the industry.

 Amin holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from Devry University, TX. Amin currently resides in the Lake Forest community in Round Rock

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Austin Corporate Office

3303 Northland #100, Austin, Texas, 78731