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Rhett C Cork

Rhett and I first talked over a year ago when I was looking for new property.   I had been working with a Realtor with whom I was dissatisfied so went searching for another.   When I told Rhett I had a Realtor but wasn’t sure I wanted to stay with her, she asked me if that Realtor was still looking for properties for me.   I said yes and she said, well that Realtor is working with you in good faith.   I needed to tell her I wasn’t happy and see if we could work through that.   Then I was to call Rhett back and if I had terminated my relationship with the other Realtor, she would be happy to work with me.   I did as she asked and decided to stay with that other Realtor.  Rhett wished me success in my search.  I liked that she did that … that she honored my agreement with the other Realtor so when that didn’t work out and I decided to start looking again a few months later, I called Rhett.  I told her I was working with a Realtor for handling the sale of my house but he didn’t want to look beyond a certain area and asked if she would be willing to do so.   She said, “of course, I’m here to help you any way I can”.  Keith and I enjoyed  working with her.    Her personality, her attention to what we wanted, her willingness to drive anywhere, and her honesty, integrity, frankness was a gift to us.  I do, gladly and with confidence,  recommend her to anyone looking for a Realtor.   She will take care of you.

Deborah & Keith


Being a Realtor® is more than showing properties.  More than giving a client a Cost Market Analysis.  More than knowing neighborhoods and communities well enough to accurately share their advantages. It is, above all, the ability to build a genuine, trusting relationship with a client.  A relationship defined by grace, honor, humor, enthusiasm, patience, support and understanding. That is the sweet spot when a Realtor® can successfully connect YOU and the property of your dreams. 


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