Lonnie Laird, REALTOR®

My family moved to Austin when I was a young child. I immediately fell in love with this city. It has changed so much since then but still retains all its charm and beauty. Austin offers so many outlets for recreation, entertainment and family fun. It's a great place to raise a family.

My father was in real estate years ago and he shared his passion with me. I learned at a young age how important it was to help others. My passion has always been helping others achieve their own personal dreams and goals. Real estate is the right profession for me because I can provide a personalized service that enables me to assist people in achieving their dream of home ownership. That feeling of knowing that I have helped someone reach their own personal goals really motivates me and brings me total satisfaction.

My personal philosophy in life is that when you reach out and help others, you help yourself in the process. Life is a learning process. Each person we come in contact with is there for a reason. I feel that all people should be treated like your best friend or a member of your own family. When we reach out and treat people right and keep the "golden rule" in mind, then everyone wins. This is what I feel builds long lasting friendships and business relationships.

My love for Austin has a big effect on my personal interests and hobbies. I love being outdoors and enjoying all that Austin has to offer. This includes boating, water skiing, golfing, gardening, softball and some quiet time to read under the trees in my backyard. My main passion is mission ministry... rather it be in other counties, states or on the streets of the Greater Austin area it is all about the joy of loving on people. Being involved in ministry with so many churches and organizations like Austin Disaster Relief has brought so much joy to my heart realizing how much one person really can make a difference.

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"We were more than satisfied with Lonnie Laird as our agent. He offered great advice and was completely honest and helpful from the beginning. He met with us after a day's notice back in April and took us out to view different areas and homes to get a sense of what we wanted and liked. He has been completely dedicated since then. Since moving to Austin from out-of-state, he has helped us find and purchase the house of our dreams. " - Kelly Sadwick
"Lonnie Laird was are agent." - Anamika Sharma
"Sincere, Hard Working, Dedicated" - Richard Schmitt, Bee Caves
"Lonnie was very helpful with all our needs, great guy good job Lonnie thank you for getting us what we wanted." - Gary & Hilda, Pflugerville
"We felt that Lonnie was very knowledgeable about the area, and was most helpful in helping us find the perfect property for us." - Buyer, Liberty Hill
"He provided information, insight and advice which allowed us to make a decision that I'm very happy with." - Buyer

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